“Thanks to Dr. Black, I’m an independent woman!”

–Pat Guffey

Pat Guffey believes that the Pain Management Center at Rhea Medical has been truly essential in maintaining her quality of life!

Pat Guffey (right) was in real pain. Osteoarthritis through-out her body was making her life miserable. “I could hardly walk,” Pat says.“Putting any weight on my knee was so painful that I would fall.”

Fortunately, about two years ago, Pat went to see Dr. Chase Black (left) with the Pain Management Center at Rhea Medical Center. Every six months, Dr. Black uses radiofrequency ablation (RFA), a minimally invasive procedure that uses radio waves to heat up a small area of nerve tissue in order to reduce pain. The results have been dramatic.

“Today I’m able to walk, do my household chores, and go to the store to shop,” says Pat, who serves as the Rhea County Historian. “I can even stand up to cook, which I couldn’t do before. After my last treatment, I was able to walk out of the hospital to my car in the parking lot. Dr. Black is wonderful. He’s very compassionate and takes a real interest in how I’m doing. He’s an excellent doctor.”

Because Pat lives alone and has no family, the RFA treatments she receives are essential to maintaining her quality of life. “I really don’t want to go a nursing home, and thanks to Dr. Black, I’ve been able to keep my independence,” says Pat. “I’m so thankful that Rhea Medical Center offers these treatments so close to home!” I feel better now than I have in years. My knee is 100 percent back to normal, thanks to Dr. Radford and Rhea Medical Center!”