Since arriving at Rhea Medical Center as CEO, I have discovered that this community is a wonderful place filled with great people. I have also learned that this hospital is serving the community in a remarkable way with great healthcare professionals and great technology, all in a beautiful facility.

It’s truly rare to find such great healthcare in a great community like this.

Great Care Close To Home.

I’ve been listening carefully and know that you value and support having a local hospital that delivers great care close to home. I also know how important a hospital is to the health, well-being and growth of the entire community. So together, we’re making a fresh commitment to deliver the highest level of patient care. Rhea County and our region deserve nothing less!

Stories of Great Care Happen Here Every Day.

Over the next few months we’ll be reacquainting you with the people who deliver a personal touch level of care at Rhea Medical Center. These healthcare professionals are your friends and neighbors. They share your interest in making sure this hospital delivers the very best in healthcare. Because of their dedication, stories of great care and compassion happen every day. We’ll share some of them with you soon.

Your suggestions are always welcome and I hope to hear from you. Thanks for your support

David Bixler
Chief Executive Officer