Rhea Medical Center has a long and proud tradition of looking out for the needs of Rhea County. We recognize that patients, residents, or visitors visit a medical center because they need to, not because they want to. No matter how much we would prefer otherwise, hospital visits aren’t always the most enjoyable times of our lives.

However, we can strive to assure the patient’s or visitor’s experience at Rhea Medical Center is as pleasant as possible. We can add a little sunshine with a warm smile and gentle touch. We can put their needs first and treat them with the respect and kindness that we would expect for ourselves.

Currently, there are 13 volunteers, and new members are always welcome.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Staff the Gift Shop Monday through Friday
  • Assist patients and visitors with information and directions
  • Interact with patients by helping to make their stay in the hospital as enjoyable as can be expected
  • Escort patients and visitors to treatment areas such as the Lab, Radiology, etc.
  • Deliver mail to the hospital patients
  • Provide assistance to nursing personnel
  • Give other assistance as needed or directed

Work Hours:

Each volunteer’s schedule will be determined based on the volunteer’s availability and need.


  • Free uniform at the start of service.
  • Free meal with each shift worked.
  • Discount on hospital care/services

Want to join us?

Anyone interested in becoming a hospital volunteer should call (423) 775-8579.