“I just can’t say enough good things about Rhea Medical Center!”

– Cindy Porter

Cindy Porter was nervous about having surgery, but now she can’t say enough good things about the experience she had at Rhea Medical Center!

“Is it a kidney stone?” That was the initial thought Cindy Porter had when she started feeling pain in her abdomen this past May 3. “I’ve had kidney stones before,” explains the 62-year-old retired nurse. But several hours later, with the pain getting worse, Cindy went to Rhea Medical Center. Imaging studies revealed that Cindy had a twisted bowel, a serious medical condition that can be life-threatening if not treated quickly.

Dr. Benjamin Kellogg and Dr. Craig Swafford, both board-certified general surgeons, performed the abdominal surgery that possibly saved Cindy’s life. Cindy stayed four nights in the hospital. “I was so impressed by the professionalism and kindness of everyone, including the housekeeping and dietary staff,” Cindy says. “The entire staff was so friendly and engaging. I could even look out the window in my hospital room and see beautiful flowers and the mountains.”

Cindy worked in Chattanooga hospitals for most of her career. “This time, I was the patient, and the experience taught me the importance of having nurses who have a caring spirit,” she says. “I could not have asked for more from the people who took care of me. I have to admit I was a little bit apprehensive about having surgery at Rhea Medical Center. But now, I’d recommend this hospital to anybody. I just can’t say enough good things about Rhea Medical Center.”