From left: Clayton McGill, MD; Louise Cornett; Kerry Downum, LPN; Brent Bacher, Physical Therapist

“Meet the team that gave me back my independence!”

–Louise Cornett

Louise Cornett appreciated the compassionate care she received at Rhea Medical Center.

Louise Cornett (center left) had hip replacement surgery on May 7, 2018, a remarkable achievement considering that Louise turned 83 years old in January. “Before the surgery, I was having trouble climbing stairs, and there was always pain in my left hip,” says Louise. “I had this constant fear that I was going to fall.”

During her initial recovery, Louise stayed for more than two weeks in the Swing Bed Hospital Unit at Rhea Medical Center, which provides skilled care for patients making the transition from acute care to moving back home. Kerry Downum, LPN (center right), physical therapist Brent Bacher (right) and Dr. Clayton McGill (left), hospitalist at Rhea Medical Center, were part of her care team. “Everybody was so sweet to me,” says Louise. “They did everything they could to help me. By the time I left the Swing Bed Unit, I no longer needed to use a walker because I had moved on to a cane.”

Louise then continued her treatment at the Rhea Medical Center Outpatient Therapy Center. Thanks to the outpatient staff, Louise made steady progress. Today, Louise is walking completely on her own, going up and down stairs without a problem. “I’ve got a new hip and no pain,” she says. “It’s wonderful!”