From left: Judy Pitts; Benjamin Kellogg, MD

“They really saved my skin!”

–Judy Pitts

From beating skin cancer to managing her diabetes, Judy Pitts trusts Rhea Medical Center.

Judy Pitts (left) is very careful today about protecting her face from the sun. That’s because, about two years ago, she noticed a spot on her cheek just under her right eye.
She finally decided to see Dr. Lee Daniel Logan, a family practice physician with Rhea Medical Center.

Dr. Logan performed a biopsy, which revealed that Judy
had the most common type of skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma. Because the cancer was so close to Judy’s eye, Dr. Benjamin Kellogg (right), a general surgeon with Rhea Medical Center, decided to perform the surgery to remove the cancer at the hospital.

Then, in October 2018, Judy noticed another spot, this time on her nose. It also turned out to be basal cell carcinoma, and Dr. Kellogg again performed the surgery.

“I’d be happy to recommend Dr. Kellogg to anyone,” Judy says. “He’s a great surgeon, and he explained everything that was going to happen step by step. And the care I received during both of my outpatient surgeries was excellent. Dr. Kellogg’s nurse even called me three times at home to check and see how I was doing.”

Judy also has high praise for her primary care physician. “I love Dr. Logan,” Judy says. “I don’t believe there’s another hospital in the country that could have matched the care I got at Rhea Medical Center.”