From left: Cynthia Rodriguez, James Sego, DO; Antonio Rodriguez; Kati Thompson, RN

“When my amazing grandson was hurt, I took him to an amazing ER.”

–Cynthia Rodriguez

Cynthia Rodriguez was impressed with the care and professionalism of the ER team at Rhea Medical Center.

Antonio Rodriguez never knew what hit him. About a year ago, he was warming up for a soccer game with some friends. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a discus from another field came flying through the air, bounced once off the ground and hit Antonio, who was lying down, slicing open a two-inch gash on the top of his head. By the time Antonio’s grandmother, Cynthia, arrived, he had a stack of brown paper towels on his head to try and stop the bleeding.

Cynthia immediately took her grandson to the Emergency Room at Rhea Medical Center. “We were both pretty scared when we arrived,” says Cynthia, who works as an executive assistant with the Dayton Chamber of Commerce.

“We were seen right away, and the doctor was amazing. He gave Antonio the option of either stitches or staples. Antonio chose staples and in about 20 seconds, the job was done.”

Today, you could never tell that Antonio had an accident.  And Cynthia still appreciates the care her grandson received. “Everyone in the ER was so caring and professional,” she says. “You could tell they were really concerned about Antonio. They really went above and beyond. From beginning to end, we were in and out of the hospital in less than an hour. It’s just an amazing ER.”