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Great Community, Great Hospital – Right Here, Close to Home.

“I just can’t say enough good things about Rhea Medical Center!”

– Cindy Porter

Cindy Porter was nervous about having surgery, but now she can’t say enough good things about the experience she had at Rhea Medical Center! Read more >>

“Thanks to Dr. Black, I’m an independent woman!”

– Patricia Guffey

Pat Guffey believes that the Pain Management Center at Rhea Medical has been truly essential in maintaining her quality of life! Read more >>

“Rhea Medical Center saved my life!”

– Anthony Potter

Tony Potter wants the community to know just how thankful he is to have Rhea Medical Center as his hometown hospital! Read more >>

“My knee is one hundred percent back to normal!”

– Micah Ruehling

Micah Ruehling feels that he’s really been able to get to know and trust Dr. Radford, and also appreciates the ways he gives back to the community. Read more >>

“When it comes to mammograms, mother knows best.”

– Mary Price

This mother and daughter pair love the convenience of getting their mammograms done close to home at Rhea Medical Center! Read more >>

“Thanks to this hospital, I’m becoming the best me I can be!”

– Scott Mickel

When Scott Mickel became concerned over a sudden weight loss, he turned to Rhea Medical Center for help. Read more >>

“The world is now a much brighter place thanks to Dr. Bonner!”

– Brenda Davis

Brenda Davis was thrilled to learn that she could have her cataract surgery right here in Dayton!  Read more >>

“They really saved my skin!”

– Judy Pitts

From beating skin cancer to managing her diabetes, Judy Pitts trusts Rhea Medical Center.  Read more >>

“When my amazing grandson was hurt, I took him to an amazing ER.”

– Cynthia Rodriguez

Cynthia Rodriguez was impressed with the care and professionalism of the ER at Rhea Medical Center.  Read more >>

“Meet the team that gave me back my independence!”

– Louise Cornett

Louise Cornett appreciated the compassionate care she received at Rhea Medical Center.  Read more >>

“I felt like I was staying at a 5-star hotel!”

– June Poole

From the moment June Poole arrived at Rhea Medical Center, she knew she was in good hands.  Read more >>

“Rhea Medical Center is my #1 choice for medical care!”

– Caroline Housley

Whenever anyone asks Caroline Housley where to go for infusion therapy, she tells them Rhea Medical Center.  Read more >>

“Rhea Medical takes care of patients as if they were family.”

– Linda Belvins

After almost four decades of service, Linda Belvins believes more than ever in Rhea Medical Center.  Read more >>

“When they got my pain under control, I got my life back!”

– Jerry Dodd

Jerry Dodd will tell you that the treatment he receives at Rhea Medical Center is as good as it gets!  Read more >>

“Their ER team NEVER gave up on me!”

– Michael Richey

Mike Richey’s heart stopped eight times, but Rhea Medical’s ER team was determined to save his life.  Read more >>