“I don’t usually do commercials, but in this case I’ll tell my story to anyone who asks,” says Former Dayton Mayor Bob Vincent about his recent treatment at Rhea Medical Center.

After a routine screening test revealed a cancerous blockage in his lower GI track, Vincent was faced with the decision to have the blockage removed at Rhea Medical Center or to go to another facility in Chattanooga for the surgery.

“I chose Rhea Medical Center and I am so happy that I did,” said Vincent. “I was able to have surgery the very next day and I felt I was in the most capable hands.”

Dr. Sithipol Tantihachai, a general surgeon, performed the procedure, which was a success.

“The doctors, nurses, and hospital staff displayed efficient care, kindness, and professionalism in every aspect,” said Vincent. “I think the difference is that when you go to Rhea Medical Center, you are in the company of your friends and neighbors. They will give you the best care. Now, whenever I return for a check up, I end up getting hugs from staff on my way down the hall.”