24/7 Emergency Services

Pictured L-R: Johnathon Turner, RN; Dr. Alex Zotos; Valerie Malone, RN; Ben Satterfield, RN

All Right Here, All Close to Home.

Close. Capable. Caring.

What matters most in a medical emergency? First and foremost, we believe it starts with the medical expertise needed to handle any medical situation. Add to that the compassion and care you can only expect from friends and neighbors who know you. And finally, we understand the lifesaving importance of being right here, close to home, where you need us most.

With 14 exam rooms, specialized equipment, and a board-certified emergency physician on duty 24/7, the ER at Rhea Medical Center is able to provide excellent emergency care. In addition, our total turnaround time is about 70 minutes less than the national average. When an emergency strikes, we have everything it takes to save your life.

Great Commmunity, Great Hospital.

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