From left: Phyllis Fulcher; Lee Radford, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

“I feel like Dr. Radford was an answer to my prayer.”

–Phyllis Fulcher

Phyllis Fulcher loved the convenience, great care and positive results she received from her hip replacement surgery at Rhea Medical Center!

At the age of 87, Phyllis Fulcher (left) decided to have hip replacement surgery at Rhea Medical Center. “My right hip was giving me a lot of pain, especially when I walked,” says Phyllis. “It was time to do something.”

Phyllis chose Dr. Lee Radford (right), a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with Rhea Medical Center, to perform her surgery this past summer. “I’ve been very pleased with Dr. Radford,” says Phyllis, who turned 88 in November. “I feel like he was an answer to my prayer. I really appreciate how patient he was with me, taking the time to explain everything about the surgery. That was very encouraging and helped me feel relaxed about going to the hospital.”

For Phyllis, having the surgery in Dayton was the only option she considered. “I was very pleased with the care I received,” she says. “And it was so nice and convenient for my family. Because I was close to home and not in Chattanooga, they could visit more often and spend more time with me.”

Phyllis was also impressed with the care she received during six weeks of outpatient therapy at Rhea Medical Center. “The staff was helpful and comforting to be around,” Phyllis says. “Today, the pain in my hip has decreased 100 percent. I’m so thankful!”