From left: Ruby Houston, Edwina Taylor, Patsy Cecil

“At Rhea Medical Center, I always feel like I’m surrounded by friends!”

–Edwina Taylor

Edwina Taylor highly recommends the laboratory and infusion therapy services at Rhea Medical Center.

Edwina Taylor has a medical condition that requires her to have frequent blood transfusions. For about three years, she’s been going to the Infusion Therapy Center at Rhea Medical Center, lately about once a month.

“First, I have four or five vials of blood drawn in the hospital’s laboratory to check my hemoglobin,” says Edwina (center). “The staff then quickly performs a test to see if I need a transfusion. If I do, they consult with one of my doctors. All this requires a lot of coordination and communication between the lab, the Infusion Center and my doctors, but Patsy Cecil (right), Ruby Houston (left), and the other Laboratory professionals always work together to get the job done quickly.”

The infusion process itself can take up to six or seven hours, but Edwina doesn’t mind at all. “The people at the Infusion Therapy Center are so nice, gentle and compassionate,” says Edwina, who had cancer surgery at Rhea Medical Center about a decade ago. “They always make me feel like I’m visiting friends when I’m there. There are plenty of beverages, warm blankets, and comfortable chairs in the Infusion Center. With the way I’m treated with such kindness at Rhea Medical Center, there’s no reason to go to Chattanooga. I’m happy to stay right here, close to home.”