From left: Marina Moyer, RN; Caroline Housley; Alan Crews, MD

“Rhea Medical Center is my #1 choice for medical care!”

–Caroline Housley

Whenever anyone asks Caroline Housley where to go for infusion therapy, she tells them Rhea Medical Center.

Caroline Housley  (center) serves on Rhea Medical Center’s Board of Directors because she believes in her hometown hospital. “With people like Dr. Alan Crews and the rest of the staff, Rhea Medical Center is the place I trust for medical care,” Caroline says.

For example, when Caroline was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, she chose Rhea Medical Center for her infusion therapy. “It’s been an awesome experience,” Caroline says. “The staff is so kind and friendly. I feel like I’m being waited on hand and foot. There’s a reclining chair and blankets if you need them, coffee, food and drinks, and plenty of windows with a great view. It’s peaceful and relaxing. You don’t feel like you’re at a hospital, you feel like you’re sitting on your front porch. In fact, I fell asleep during my second infusion. It’s that relaxing.”

Infusion therapy has really helped reduce Caroline’s fatigue. “I was needing to sleep up to 14 hours a night,” she says. “Now I just need eight or ten. And I really appreciate being able to have this therapy so close to home instead of having to ask someone to drive me to an out-of-town hospital. Compared to the hospitals I’ve been to in Chattanooga, the people here are so much more compassionate. Whenever anybody asks me about infusion therapy, I tell them to go Rhea Medical Center!”