Swing Bed

Rhea Medical Center is available to provide skilled care services to patients.

What is skilled care:

Skilled is a term that refers to a patient's care or treatment that can only be done by licensed personnel. Examples of skilled care include rehabilitation after a surgery or hospital stay.

Often patients are ready to be discharged from an acute care hospital, but are not quite ready to go home due to changes in their daily healthcare needs.   Rhea Medical Center can help!   Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, RNs, physical therapists, as well as all other departments of the hospital can provide the skilled care needed to improve or maintain a patient’s condition.  After receiving skilled care, patients can function more independently, often returning to his/her home without the need of further assistance. 

Once identified as a candidate for Skilled care, a patient has the choice of where he/she may go for the continued care. A patient or family can choose Rhea Medical Center.  Rhea Medical Center will work with the referring hospital to coordinate care with other caregivers and work with the patient’s insurance for approval of transition of care.   

Why Rhea Medical Center??

***We are close to home. Families are not burdened by travel time and expense. 

Family members can visit anytime.***

  1. Rhea Medical Center is a certified Medicare approved Skilled Nursing Facility with great patient satisfaction scores.

  2. Rhea Medical Center has a physician or nurse practitioner on premises 24 hour per day, 7 days per week.

  3. Rhea Medical Center includes the patient’s family in the patient’s care by training, educating and involving.

  4. Rhea Medical Center is equipped to handle any situation that may arise with MRI, CT scanner, routine laboratory and imaging services.

  5. Patients can bring their personal belongings, and wear their own clothing.

Services that are available at Rhea Medical Center include:

  1. Physicians, Surgeons, other physician specialties as needed.

  2. In-House Rehab to include physical therapy and speech therapy.

  3. In-House lab, respiratory care, imaging and dietary.

  4. Diabetes management

  5. IV Antibiotics

  6. IV Hydration

What is required for admission to the Swing Bed Program?

  1. Referral from a physician. This is usually done by the hospital that is currently caring for the patient.

  2. Patient must have insurance that allows for skilled services. For example, Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans. Typically Medicare will pay as follows:

     Days Medicare Pays Patient Days 
     1-20  Full cost  Nothing
     21-100  All but daily copay                   Daily copay
     Over 100 Days                      Nothing  Patient Responsibility


  3. A 3 day stay in an acute care hospital is required prior to admission for skilled service.


The Skill to Heal. The Sprit to Care.

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