Mission and Purpose


The mission of the Rhea Medical Healthcare Foundation is to provide support necessary to enhance Rhea Medical Center's mission to partner with its physicians and the community to provide safe, quality, compassionate and affordable healthcare services. 

A separate entity from the hospital and individually incorporated, the Foundation helps raise funds which are used to support healthcare services on behalf of Rhea Medical Center. Such items might include: 

·  Purchase of new equipment for up-to-date diagnostic, medical, surgical and treatment services;
·  Deployment of new services and patient care programs;
·  Community wellness and education projects, and more.

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Foundation Board

The Foundation is operated by a board of directors, which includes Rhea Medical Center staff, Rhea Medical Center board members, and active members of the community.

President:         Bob Arnold

Vice-President:  Harold (Bimbo) McCawley

Secretary:         Peri Meadows

Treasurer:         Debra Lawson

Members:         Andy Kelly

                        Dr. Howard Brock

                        Marilyn Engel

                        Ron Harris

                        Barbara Mauldin

                        Paul Riggs

                        Faith Young

                        Larry Cunningham