Tips for Building Stronger Bones

The bad news is that by the age of 50, one in two women and one in eight men will suffer a bone fracture from osteoporosis. However, the advanced effects of bone loss (a humped upper back or breakable limbs) doesn't have to be in the future of people who eat wisely and exercise regularly.

Here are some tips to keep your bones strong:

  • To prevent breakable bones as you age, you must have sufficient calcium and vitamin D. The best place to get these nutrients is in leafy greens, both cooked and raw, so eat lots and lots of vegetables!
  • Another way to get vitamin D is to sunbathe for 20 minutes a day. The sun is a good source of vitamin D. Of course, staying out longer than 20 minutes without sun-block may lead to sun damage, so be very careful. For many people, it is a better idea to get vitamin D in other ways.
  • Consider taking a multivitamin or vitamin D supplement.
  • Another building block for strong bones is protein. Protein can be found in beans, fish and chicken.
  • Because you also need magnesium to help your body absorb calcium, consider eating whole grain breads and pasta.
  • Milk has a lot of calcium, but can also contain a lot of fat. Try low-fat milk or yogurt, or consider taking calcium supplements.
  • Try to avoid sugar, caffeine, stress, and habitual dieting.
  • Exercising regularly, including aerobic, weight bearing and resistance, is also important. But don't overdo it. Heavy weights or too vigorous exercise in women with osteoporosis might trigger a fracture.
  • Your doctor may recommend that you take medication to treat and prevent osteoporosis.