Nutritional Services Staff at Rhea Medical Center

Nutritional Services Staff

The Clinical staff includes a Registered Dietitian, a Registered Dietetic Technician, and Certificate Dietary Managers. The staff members work with our doctors and nurses to provide appropriate therapeutic diets, which can be the first step in improving one's overall health status and which can also help to manage numerous diseases and physical conditions.

Janis Franks, Director

Take a peek in Janis Franks' small Rhea Medical Center office and you will see more cubbyholes than a kindergarten classroom.  Each slot is stuffed with information and neatly labeled--"low cholesterol," "low fat," "low sodium," "diabetic," etc. There's no denying that the woman who works there is a guru of sorts on good health and nutrition.
As nutritional services director at Rhea Medical Center, Franks manages food services at the hospital and provides diet counseling and nutrition assessments to patients, residents and the public. She uses the information in her cubbyholes to help counsel everyone from children to nursing home residents about their nutritional needs and how to live healthy lifestyles.
Franks,  who has been with Rhea Medical Center for nine years, was recently honored by the Chattanooga District Dietetics Association as Recognized Dietetic Technician of the Year. It was an honor given to a dietetic technician who excels in proficiency as well as community involvement.
"Working with people from the community and getting the opportunity to teach is what I love best about the job," said Franks. "I was very honored that someone from the dietetics association recognized that and nominated me for the award."
According to Franks, some of the most common nutritional mistakes people make is skipping meals and eating "supersized" portions.
"People think that if they skip a meal, they can eat giant portions later in the day," she said. "But the best strategy is to eat smaller, healthier portions throughout the day." 
If you are interested in getting your weight under control, choosing healthier foods, or simply learning more about your body's nutritional needs, call 775-8636 to participate in one of Franks' Heart Healthy classes.