In Your Words

Here's what YOU said:

(The following quotes were taken from Rhea Medical Center patient surveys)


"The ER Department at RMC--staff, facilities, level of knowledge,
depth of care and concern, etc.--are far superior to any of the larger
hospitals in Chattanooga...and I've been to them all." 
-- D.K.

"Thanks for saving my life!"  -- B.N.

 "Thanks for serving your guest so well."  -- D.L.

"Rhea Medical Center has the most friendly and courteous staff
I have encountered at a medical center."
  -- Z.J.

 "Rhea County is so blessed to have such a
wonderful facility and such a caring staff."
  -- Z.D.

 "Excellent. Love your new hospital and, of course, your great staff."  -- T.C.

 "Dr. Swafford is a great doctor....
Rhea County is blessed to have him."
  -- J.L.

 "By far the most caring doctor I have seen in over 20 years."  -- G.K.

 "Your nursing staff was both compassionate and
informative. At times I felt like I was their only patient."
  -- H.F.

"Best care.
Best hospital."

 "A good experience. I like the fact that I don't have to wait
with 10 or 20 other people."

"The doctors and nurses at Rhea Medical
made me feel like I was the only one there."

 "Outstanding! Dr. Horton diagnosed
my problem and
saved my life."

"If I had my choice I would never go to any other hospital."

"Everyone was so nice and friendly
I appreciate all they did for me."

"I wish more facilities were as organized
as Rhea Medical Center."

"No one was in a hurry just to get their job done.
They were all very helpful and informative.
All of my needs were met with very gentle care."

 "The staff at Rhea Medical Center is a prime example
of why the hospital is so successful.
We are very proud
of the medical care we receive locally."

"This was the best hospital experience that
I have ever had
. Everyone was kind and caring."

"Everyone at Rhea Medical Center was friendly, helpful,
and efficient. I would definitely recommend this facility,
and will return in the future." 

"Rhea Medical Center's staff is the best of the best,
in my opinion
. Keep up the good work."

"Rhea Medical Center continues to be
a fine facility
striving to give its patients
the best care and service available."

                                                                         "This survey is inadequate to really explain the excellent overall treatment I received during my visit. Very good people."

"The service was timely, fair, and professional with fast results and
a kind and friendly atmosphere. My experience was fast and simple--
low stress. Rhea Medical Center continues to excel."